Simple. Affordable. Effective

TextConnext is a radically simple, affordable and measurable mobile advertising platform custom built to connect your advertisers and sellers in real time, activate and extend your print product, and provide immediate insights into buyer behavior that you can use to prove your ROI and grow your sales exponentially.

There’s no app to install. No program to learn. Just the technology American consumers increasingly prefer to any other form of communication: Texting.

Here’s how it works

For advertisers

TextConnext places SMS codes in print ads that allow potential buyers to get more information on any auto, home, product or service advertised simply by sending a text message to a unique TextConnect address and receiving an immediate text response with the information requested… all without sharing their phone number.

Advertisers are immediately notified of the customer’s interest and have a suite of options they can use to connect with the prospect, depending on whether the specific auto, home, etc., is available… or even whether they’re open or closed for business.

For AdOps

TextConnext seamlessly integrates with Addie, our Automated Ad Management System, allowing advertisers to create their own ads through an intuitive web portal, by phone or by text. This gives your advertisers control over their ads and allows your business and design team to focus on other revenue generating activities.

For buyers

People love texting, but that doesn’t mean they want unsolicited sales messages and calls from random businesses. TextConnext allows interested buyers to connect with sellers safely, without sharing their private contact information. They control the conversation while still allowing the advertiser to nurture the relationship and close the sale.

For classifieds

TextConnext Enabled Classifieds allow sellers to place automated classifieds right from their phones and empower buyers to connect with sellers without sharing their personal contact information or receiving annoying calls after their product has sold. With TextConnext, sellers can immediately turn off communication once they’ve sold the product. And if you have other sellers who’d be interested in the same buyer, TextConnext can even recommend similar products available from the same or different sellers.

For editorial

Use TextConnext codes to give your reporters and editors a simple way to extend their articles through video, audio, additional photos or even background documents and other source material related to an important article. Reporters can even use the system to receive tips and nurture sources.

For subscribers

Subscribers need to feel connected to their community paper. TextConnext takes them beyond the page, giving them premium access to expanded content experiences including video, audio or even background documents related to articles in the paper without having to go online and type in a long URL. They can request updates on stories and topics that are important to them. They can even use TextConnext to purchase photos or framed reprints of articles and place birth and wedding announcements.

Learn how easy and affordable it can be to connect your readers and advertisers.