The folks behind TextConnext

TextConnext was developed by the folks at Community Delivered LLC in northern Minnesota. We’re not a flashy Silicon Valley start-up. We don’t have bouncy-ball chairs, video games and all-day sugar dispensers for our 20-something coders. TextConnext was developed by people who know community newspapers… people who’ve run community newspapers… people who still run community newspapers.

Combined, we have more than 60 years’ experience in the trenches at community newspapers across the United States. We’ve fought the same battles as you and navigated the same disruption. We’re not people who get distracted by the next shiny new tech thing: We’re practical technologists who focus on simple, affordable solutions that work for one of the most challenging and important businesses there is… community newspapers.

We want to help.

We know newspapers live and die based on their ability to connect their communities editorially and economically.

We know TextConnext works because we’ve used it to drive growth in our own publication, the interactive print shopper Mines and Pines in Grand Rapids, Minn. In fact, it works so well, we’re expanding into new markets.

But we’re also passionate about helping other community newspapers succeed. That’s why we’re making our technology available to smart publishers who understand the value of connecting their buyers and sellers in real time … publishers who want to offer more than print, web and email without investing everything in the Next Big Thing … publishers who simply want to drive sales for their advertisers and delight their readers with radically simple, secure and effective ways to connect.

Our team handles all the details—from setting up your system and training your staff, to providing marketing materials and sales training to get your team their first sales within days of implementation. We handle all the complex stuff.

You get the simple.

If you want to see just how radically simple it can be to achieve exponential sales using the communication channel your audience already knows and loves… starting at just $15 a day… contact us to set up a chat and quick demonstration.

Or you can call us, email us…. or just text XPROFIT to 24587.