Give your advertisers and buyers the tools to connect anytime, anywhere, any way they choose.

Digital disruption is threatening even the best community newspaper publishers.

Sharp print declines, no money to innovate, legacy staff that can’t adjust to the digital world… if you’re a newspaper publisher today, then these are just some of the worries keeping you up at night as you fight for sustainable growth in a shrinking market.

How many times have you heard these complaints from your sales team?

  • “Advertisers say they can’t prove ROI with print.”
  • “Our click rates are terrible.”
  • “Ad blockers are killing us.”
  • “They’re putting all their money in Google… Yelp… Groupon…”
  • “They want mobile.”
  • “They want young people.”
  • “Craigslist, Facebook and Ebay are getting all the classifieds.”

It seems like the threats never end.

What if there was a turn-key solution that could solve all these problems for community newspapers? What if there was a mobile advertising system that was so simple to integrate and use that even your most digitally timid staff, customers and readers could figure it out immediately? What if it provided a simple and secure way for buyers to connect with sellers immediately while still protecting their privacy?

What if it provided clear ROI and freed your team to focus on creating great editorial, growing revenue and managing your business while advertisers built their own ads from their mobile phones?

What if it cost as little as $15 a day to operate and was guaranteed to drive new revenue in the first 60 days?

I think you know where we’re going with this….

TextConnect is a radically simple, affordable and measurable mobile advertising platform custom built to connect your advertisers and sellers in real time, activate and extend your print product, and provide immediate insights into buyer behavior that you can use to prove your ROI and grow your sales exponentially.

There’s no app to install. No program to learn. Just the technology American consumers increasingly prefer to any other form of communication: Texting.

Today there are more connected smart phones in America than there are Americans, and the most frequently used app is text messaging. Only 43% of smartphone owners use their phones to make calls. But over 97% send texts at least once a day. And Millennials? They send 67 texts per day! More than 6 billion text messages are sent in the U.S. every day… more than 69,000 per second!

Those little screens are where your readers live, and if you don’t have a strategy to reach them there, then you’re missing out on your piece of an estimated $21 billion advertising opportunity.

How do text messages perform?

The key to successful marketing is reaching consumers where they are, cutting through the clutter, getting attention and sparking action. You know how poorly web display ads perform in terms of click-throughs. Email (the second most used app) performs better, but let’s take a look at the performance gap between email and text messages.

  • Open rates: Email, 20%; Text, 98%
  • Response rate: Email, 6%; Text, 45%
  • Response time: Email, 90 minutes; Text, 90 seconds

According to a recent Harris Poll, 64% of consumers are likely to have a positive perception of companies that offer texting as a sales or service channel. For Millennials, it’s 77%. If you’re looking to provide real value to your advertisers and readers, a mobile text solution that connects buyers and sellers in real time is a critical opportunity.

See what happened when we launched our own paper just to see how TextConnext would work!

Community newspaper DNA

TextConnext was developed by community newspaper publishers for community newspaper publishers. We know it works because we’ve used it ourselves to grow our own community newspaper business in northern Minnesota. TextConnext works because it’s a radically simple, fully automated way to leverage your audience’s favorite mode of communication to:

  • connect your buyers and sellers immediately while protecting buyers’ personal information;
  • boost your advertisers’ sales conversion rates by more than 40%; and
  • prove the ROI of your advertising… even in print!

… all for an investment of 15 dollars a day.

See how TextConnext works

Digital disruption has forever changed the way people get their news, connect with each other and buy and sell goods and services; and no industry has been punished by these changes more than community newspapers. But you have a choice: Do you want to be the disrupted or the disruptor? Being the disruptor means getting to market first with solutions that are simple, intuitive and effective in solving your market’s problems.

Providing your advertisers and readers with digital innovation that works doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. It doesn’t require investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in custom mobile apps or signing on with tech companies that don’t understand the unique needs of community newspaper publishers looking to scale their business, satisfy their advertisers and delight their readers.

We make it simple

TextConnext provides all the tools you need to simplify and scale the most important role your business serves: Connecting your community editorially and economically.

By providing the tools that allow buyers and sellers to connect anytime, anywhere, you will deliver value that your advertisers and readers can’t get anywhere else. Not from your competitors. Not from Patch. Not from Google.

With TextConnext, our team handles all the details—from setting up your system and training your staff to providing marketing materials and sales coaching to get your team their first sales within days of implementation. We handle all the complex stuff. Your team reaps the benefits of radical simplicity and scale… all for an investment starting at just $15 a day.

Curious to see how TextConnext could work for you? Click here to request a no-obligation, no-pressure, Minnesota style conversation with our team.